LinkedIn email address security

LinkedIn contact email addresses seems to be a tricky mess.

Today I got a message from a friend asking me why she got a confirmation from LinkedIn that I had changed my password.
The confirmation was (at least by name) addressed to me.

After some digging in the LinkedIn settings I found that I had six email addresses registered to receive email from LinkedIn. I only recall entering one, maybe two, of the addresses.

The really bad part is that one of them was to a mailing list and I certainly did NOT put that address in my contact settings by free will.

As far as I can tell the password reset confirmation is the only message that was sent to all those addresses and it was sent on the 14th of may 2014.

Do you have any idea of how those unwanted addresses were added to my LinkedIn account settings?

jsiBitBot release 13.46

I finally got my developing machine to work again and here is a new release of jsiBitBot.

You can download the new release and subscribe to the newsletter here.

The changes in this release are:

  • Fixed a bug when using CaptchaSniper.
  • Added:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • CoinAd: Fixed a timing error and the wait indicator

The Panic Driven Development Manifesto

Don't Panic Badge

To begin the story you should know about the Manifesto for Agile Software Development

These ideas are now more than a decade old and just as most other noble ideas they have morphed into thorny parodies of the original.

A lot of my customers practice Panic Driven Development

Agile values We
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools do whatever we’re told in response to uninformed panic.
Working software over comprehensive documentation fix it when some one panics, unless it’s documented. Then it’s a know issue.
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation make it a two way hostage negotiation, with panic in both camps.
Responding to change over following a plan panic.