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Tagging, lazyness and World of Warcraft

Fri, Nov 30, 2007
As you might have seen there is a new ‘Tags’ headline in the left sidebar. I intend to remove ‘Categories’ and use tags instead. I’ve only got about 150 posts so I should be done tagging all articles in a week or so. Tagging feels a little more natural for me than using categories. Categories feels like storing stuff in a cabinet. So when there is a post that doesn’t fit in a drawer I have to remake the cabinet or force the post in to a misshaped drawer.

The last three times I lost my wallet

Thu, Jul 5, 2007
…in chronological order: The first time was not very dramatical. I actually didn’t know I had lost the wallet until a nice gentleman called me. He told me he had seen my wallet flying of the roof of my car when I drove out of the car park. He declined any cash reward so I offered him a lunch during a work day, but he never called me again.