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logview4net and Windows Vista

Tue, Jul 10, 2007
For my upcoming release of logview4net I did the manifest magic to elevate the process to run as administrator. I did this because I kept getting SecurityExceptions when I wanted to monitor the EventLog. I have however decided to remove the manifest so that a user would have to explicitly run the application as administrator to monitor the EventLog or other locked down resources. The reason being that I thought it was annoying to confirm the elevation when I didn’t need it and I felt like I was cheating.

Why I think Vista sucks.

Thu, Apr 19, 2007
Yesterday Windows Vista pushed me over the edge, I’m so back to Ubuntu whenever I can. Something hogged both CPU cores and the disk. Windows was totally unresponsive. After a while it blue screened and when it restarted it had to run chkdisk. I’ve got an Acer 8204 (Dual Core, 2GB ram) but everyting in the user interface is slow. If I click a ‘folder’ in the start menu it takes a couple of seconds before I see the items in it.