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LinkedIn email address security

Tue, May 20, 2014
LinkedIn contact email addresses seems to be a tricky mess. Today I got a message from a friend asking me why she got a confirmation from LinkedIn that I had changed my password. The confirmation was (at least by name) addressed to me. After some digging in the LinkedIn settings I found that I had six email addresses registered to receive email from LinkedIn. I only recall entering one, maybe two, of the addresses.

Geocaching with a Nokia E72

Mon, May 30, 2011
Geocaching is an outdoor game where you search for hidden logs in which you note that you found the cache. In addition to logging on paper, you log your visit on a site that gathers several caches. The site with the most caches is Many caches can be found by looking at maps and satellite images, but the best is to have a GPS so that you can enter the coordinates of a cache and follow the GPS there.

Wireless networking in Win7

Wed, Jan 28, 2009
I just read the release notes for the beta release of Win 7. My problem is that I can not connect to my wireless network when the computer resumes after is has been in sleep mode. Some googling later I found that it is a known problem as stated in the release notes. Does any one read release notes before installing stuff?

Time Sharing

Sat, Jan 3, 2009
Cloud computing as it is presented by the big vendors right now looks a lot like time sharing of main frames. In the previous post I wanted Microsoft to offer Windows Azure for in house hosting. That would really shorten the time span to repeat the time sharing history of companies buying parts of the capacity of something expensive and then affording to have all the capacity for them selfs.

Installing Team Explorer

Mon, Oct 6, 2008
… and it takes forever to merge the Help Index. I just want to install the Team Explorer and do my stuff. Why do I have to wait an hour to merge the help index? In my opinion that should be done on a low priority thread after the install is done.

Download software from Softpedia

Sun, Jan 20, 2008
I’m actually quite impressed by Softpedia. They run a software download site that looks a little bit like every other one that exists out there. But if you take a closer look you can se by the screen shots that they actually take the time to install and do a basic run of submitted software. I have three listings with them under the jsiSoft brand and there are probably more to come.

FreeMind and the current job

Fri, Sep 7, 2007
The current job is about defining/refining and documenting a system that is a couple of years old. I was a big part in building it initially but it has grown without much control since then. As I see it, the main reason it is hard to get a grasp of it now is because there is (or has never been) a central role to consolidate the development. For each little project there has been a new project manager who only wanted to do his part at the lowest cost or him.

Free storage online

Wed, Aug 22, 2007
Now that Microsoft offers 500 MB free storage with their beta of Live Drive it is worth noticing that Diino offers 2GB for free. I have not tried both services yet, but since Microsoft doesn’t accept all submissions to their beta I think you should give Diino a chance. At least Diino is out of beta. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to use the storage at both Microsoft Live Drive and Diino since they are both free.

New hard drives.

Sun, Jul 8, 2007
I just bought two new hard drives so I’m reinstalling everything on the (old) workstation. They are 250GB Seagate ATA disks. I will run Ubuntu Linux on one of them and Windows XP on the other. The swap files for each respective operating system will be on the drive the operating system is not on. When the operating systems are installed there will be about 200GB on each disk for storage of pictures, source code and so on.

AllOfMp3 is dead, long live Mp3Sparks

Tue, Jul 3, 2007
Seems like RIAA finally won the fight; AllOfMp3 has shut down. … but there is a new site called Mp3Sparks up and running. Mp3Sparks looks like a clone of AllOfMp3 and is owned by the same company. They claim to accept credit cards so it is possible to actually buy from them. That was a problem AllOfMp3 had at the end since none of the credit card ompanies wanted to do business with them.

Soundpedia a replacement for Pandora?

Tue, Jun 26, 2007
I just found out about Soundpedia. A free music service based in Singapore that is open for us non Americans. I haven’t figured out how to make it mix by itself, but it took less than a minute to get some nice music in my ears.

Free music online

Sun, Jun 10, 2007
Since Pandora closed the doors for us Europeans I have re-found BBC Music. There is a hole lot of free music to listen at. If you know some Swedish you can go to Sveriges Radio they make most of their shows available online for free. I’m into reggae an listen mostly to P3 Rytm If you know of more free music sites please let me know.

Why I think Vista sucks.

Thu, Apr 19, 2007
Yesterday Windows Vista pushed me over the edge, I’m so back to Ubuntu whenever I can. Something hogged both CPU cores and the disk. Windows was totally unresponsive. After a while it blue screened and when it restarted it had to run chkdisk. I’ve got an Acer 8204 (Dual Core, 2GB ram) but everyting in the user interface is slow. If I click a ‘folder’ in the start menu it takes a couple of seconds before I see the items in it.

If only someone had told me about apropos earlier.

Tue, Dec 12, 2006
I took the final test for a Linux introduction course at the university today. I think I passed but as usual I was a bit sloppy. Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that apropos is such a time saver for the Linux newbie that I think it should be mentioned a hundred times by each graphical Linux installer. I hope this will help someone moving from Windows to Linux.

Using VPC-images in VMWare

Tue, Nov 28, 2006
In this article there are some tips for running VPC-images in VMWare. Since I mostly run Ubuntu at home this might help me evaluate some server products from Microsoft.