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The Panic Driven Development Manifesto

Wed, Oct 2, 2013
To begin the story you should know about the Manifesto for Agile Software Development These ideas are now more than a decade old and just as most other noble ideas they have morphed into thorny parodies of the original. A lot of my customers practice Panic Driven Development Agile valuesWe Individuals and interactions over processes and tools do whatever we're told in response to uninformed panic. Working software over comprehensive documentation fix it when some one panics, unless it's documented.

I stopped using InstallMonetizer

Sat, Feb 16, 2013
(At least for the default downloads.) There’s an edit from 2013-08-26 at the end. Over at I have a piece of open sourced software that I’ve made public since 2004. Over the years I’ve probably made less than $10 by having Adsense ads on the page. I’ve gotten $110 in donations over the same period. ($60 last week) Early last year I figured I should try to monetize it a little bit more so that it could pay for its hosting and a code signing certificate.

Personalized search

Sun, Aug 12, 2012
Sometimes the personalized search Google uses when logged in is a little troublesome. I have two totally different interests that happen to share a central search term. The problem I got this week was that I had not searched for one of the niches in a long time. That made Google show only results for one of the niches. The search term that got me is ‘poi’ According to Wikipedia one term is widely used in cartography and the other is a performance art.

USB Headphone amplifier

Thu, May 3, 2012
I recently rewarded my self with a USB headphone amplifier to use at work together with my Beyerdynamicheadphones. Initially the choice was between: FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black)and NuForce Icon uDAC-2 (Red) Headphone Amp and USB DAC (24bit/96kHz)The FiiO is not available in Sweden, but I have found it in Europe so I thought I would be able to get it without any extra value added tax.

Geocaching with a Nokia E72

Mon, May 30, 2011
Geocaching is an outdoor game where you search for hidden logs in which you note that you found the cache. In addition to logging on paper, you log your visit on a site that gathers several caches. The site with the most caches is Many caches can be found by looking at maps and satellite images, but the best is to have a GPS so that you can enter the coordinates of a cache and follow the GPS there.

Wikileaks - Where did democracy and free speech go?

Sun, Dec 5, 2010
The fact that Sweden had an even closer military cooperation with the U.S. than most people suspect does not disturb me very much. It scared me more that I wasn’t surprised. What disturbs more is that the state apparatus in the countries that we like to call democratic act like five year olds as soon as it affects them. It’s one thing to confiscate domain names , strangle internet access and access to money , but when high-ranking politicians in the” democratic “states are talking about execution and assassination of an informant those states are not one bit better than China or Iran.

Bloglines alternative

Fri, Sep 10, 2010
Well now that finally pulled the plug on Bloglines I am in need of an online RSS reader. I do know about Google Reader but I’ve never grown fond of it. I did find FeedShow so I guess I’ll have to give that a try. Update 12⁄9: Found this list of feed aggregators: If you know of any other online feed reader please let me know. I might even consider hosting it by myself if I find an open source one that is nice to use.


Tue, Mar 10, 2009
I just read about pifts.exe at a fellow Swedish blogger. It does look a little suspicious, but I am not convinced it is a cover up. All the threads I have seen mentioning pifts.exe at the Norton Forum site, before being deleted, has contained loads of junk. I might be a social attack against Norton.

Will Bush be sent to Hague now?

Sat, Jan 17, 2009
Since no country has the power to chase down an ex ruler of the USA but USA it self, now is probably the time to stand up for justice. Wouldn’t it be a huge statement if Bush was sent to trial in Hague for his crimes against international law by the new administration. It’s probably a pipe dream ant I wonder if that would lead to civil war in the USA.


Sun, Sep 14, 2008
I have way to much to do and all of it is by my own choice. I have some school work that should have been done two weeks ago and I am already behind with the math studies that I started this semester. I haven’t done any academic math for about twenty years and it looks like I wasn’t taught the same amount of math that students today read at the same level.

The blame game

Mon, Jun 2, 2008
We have all been part of the blame game, by our choosing or by the actions of someone else. In todays Dilbert, Wally takes it to the next level. I work as a consultant and beyond the instant irritation I actually find some amusement in watching the blame game in action. At least when I am not a central player. I’ve had to work with people that CC’s and forwards every mail to a supervisor (or a hand full of peers) and insists on the same policy for booking meetings.

Big ups to Trent

Thu, Dec 20, 2007
Trent at The Simple Dollar removed his Adsense ads because they often showed ads that were in contrast to the content of his blog. I just want to give him some cred for being strong in his principles. I have some ads but the click through rate is so small I should probably do something else with that space. It is up for sale for almost any immoral purposes if the pay is good enough.

Tagging, lazyness and World of Warcraft

Fri, Nov 30, 2007
As you might have seen there is a new ‘Tags’ headline in the left sidebar. I intend to remove ‘Categories’ and use tags instead. I’ve only got about 150 posts so I should be done tagging all articles in a week or so. Tagging feels a little more natural for me than using categories. Categories feels like storing stuff in a cabinet. So when there is a post that doesn’t fit in a drawer I have to remake the cabinet or force the post in to a misshaped drawer.

It is sometimes tough to turn down help

Mon, Oct 8, 2007
About a week ago I was offered help to translate logview4net to Russian. The offer came from a gentleman owning an open sourced project for translating .NET applications. Of course I was thrilled by the offer. I had really thought about localizing it, but since English and Swedish is all I know I haven’t put it on top of my to do list. Most, if not all, Swedish users of logview4net are probably happy using it in English.

Open source translation service

Mon, Oct 8, 2007
Writing the previous post got me thinking: I would like to have an open sourced free hosted translation service available. It should offer procedures and tools for localizing .NET applications. A developer should be able to upload a bunch of strings and some context describing text so that volunteering individuals could translate them online. It could be set up so that you got one string translated in return for translating another string.

Coding is fun

Thu, Sep 13, 2007
… and so is solving problems using software. Consolidating documentation and writing for the sake of wasting bits is utterly boring. I have a hard time writing for an audience that I know will not take the time to understand what I write if I make it unambiguous. But most of the time they will make weird assumptions if there is a tiny hint of ambiguity. I can totally understand that not all people grok software development, but I’ve always thought logical thinking was the killer feature of mankind.

FreeMind and the current job

Fri, Sep 7, 2007
The current job is about defining/refining and documenting a system that is a couple of years old. I was a big part in building it initially but it has grown without much control since then. As I see it, the main reason it is hard to get a grasp of it now is because there is (or has never been) a central role to consolidate the development. For each little project there has been a new project manager who only wanted to do his part at the lowest cost or him.

The Long Tail and The Diamond Age

Thu, Jul 19, 2007
I’m almost done reading The Long Tailby Chris Anderson. It is the kind of book where I feel I’ve thought of the basic ideas presented before. Not that I could have written it myself though. Far from. Chris describes the long tail as all the small niches that doesn’t get any shelf space at Best Buy, but are very lucrative when exposed on the web. This is because web sites like Goggle and iTunes helps bringing niche consumers and niche producers together.

On Baking requirements

Thu, Jul 12, 2007
Jeffrey Palermo states in his post ‘Baking requirements - Developing with raw ingredients is waste’ that requirements has to be thought through before they are presented to the developers. I think that is a statement that holds true for all levels of requirements. Software development is intangible and it is perceived that changes are easy to do. This leads to bad requirements from everyone. Customers doesn’t think through their needs and expectations before starting software projects.

My list of podcasts June 2007

Mon, Jun 25, 2007
Instead of reading to occupy the time when I do my commute I have started to listen to some podcasts. It took of last fall when I set out to listen to all the DotNetRocks episodes. When I had almost cached up I started looking for other podcasts worthy of my time and here is my current list: DotNetRocks(Feed) RunAs Radio(Feed) Mondays(Feed) Next Generation User Group(Feed)

Stale software teams

Mon, May 7, 2007
It is quite interesting to see how developers are affected by a projects perceived market value and internal company status. When a new project is started people are usually open for new ideas and most of the involved does things to move the project forward. A direction that is not allways the same for an individual as the group, but at least it’s moving. When the project has been going for a while and it hasn’t delivered as planned, decisions might be made to rewrite parts of the system, partly to show the market that it is able to adapt and partly to get the staff moving again.

Cohesion and redundancy

Fri, Apr 27, 2007
We’re doing some static analysis with NDepend as part of our daily build and the cohesion measurement caught my interest. When googling for cohesion I stumbled upon some articles discussing reading and writing normal text (normal in this case meaning not source code). The concepts that I fell for are cohesion and redundancy. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about these words regarding programming: Cohesion: a measure of how well the lines of source code within a module work together to provide a specific piece of functionality.

Discoverability and findability

Tue, Apr 10, 2007
I’ve been hearing, reading and thinking a bit about discoverability lately. This essay sums it pretty well. He goes into some discussion about limiting the choices by prioritizing different features and making basic decisions for the user. Like making the stearing wheel more discoverable than the fuse box. I think that making these decisions are not only about usability they are really the decisions that differentiates you from your competition.

Information vs knowledge

Tue, Feb 27, 2007
I was at an architect event at Microsoft today called ‘The Social Life of Information’ where Beat Schwegler built the foundation for a day of Share Point demoing by talking about information vs knowledge. The rest of the day was ok, but I got stuck thinking about knowledge. I think that our industry would benefit a lot if we could refine (or maybe even redefine) the ways in which we transfer knowledge.