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No history to Subversion

Mon, Mar 2, 2009
I’ve been involved in a couple of projects where SourceSafe was kicked out. In most cases there were long discussions on how to handle the history in SourceSafe. Most developers seems to manage without migrating the history, but there has always been a vocal minority that desperately want to have the history migrated. When dealing with this it has struck me that every project that was in favor of migrating the history also was missing decent release practices.

Old PC working again

Wed, Sep 5, 2007
I’ve got the old PC up and running again. It was no easy quest to find a matching motherboard for an ancient computer. I ended up buying a used board. The current plan is to run it as a file- and svn-server mainly, but I had to keep running XP so the kids can do their stuff on it. I will probably have the svn repository on the system disk and back it up daily to the other disk.

No SVN, bummer

Sun, Sep 2, 2007
I’m using OpenSVN to manage the source code to some of my projects, but it has been down for a couple of days now. That is a real pain. IT is (was) a free service so have expected that it would shut down eventually. I don’t have a computer that I can run SVN on. I do all my programming on the same machine so I could possibly run SVN or (evil thought) SourceSafe on that and use Diino for external backup.

OpenSVN; A free SVN repository

Wed, Mar 7, 2007
[adsenseyu1] Edit 2012-01-17: OpenSVN seems to be down. I moved to a couple of months ago. They have a free plan that works like a charm. This was a plug for OpenSVN a free subversion repository. I use it for keeping my university work so I can reach it from all my computers and revert to old version of reports and source code. Sourceforge also uses subversion, but I guess my school work doesn’t really apply as an open source project.