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FreeMind and the current job

Fri, Sep 7, 2007
The current job is about defining/refining and documenting a system that is a couple of years old. I was a big part in building it initially but it has grown without much control since then. As I see it, the main reason it is hard to get a grasp of it now is because there is (or has never been) a central role to consolidate the development. For each little project there has been a new project manager who only wanted to do his part at the lowest cost or him.

The Long Tail and The Diamond Age

Thu, Jul 19, 2007
I’m almost done reading The Long Tailby Chris Anderson. It is the kind of book where I feel I’ve thought of the basic ideas presented before. Not that I could have written it myself though. Far from. Chris describes the long tail as all the small niches that doesn’t get any shelf space at Best Buy, but are very lucrative when exposed on the web. This is because web sites like Goggle and iTunes helps bringing niche consumers and niche producers together.

Moving to SharpDevelop from Visual Studio Express

Mon, Jul 9, 2007
In light of the recent controversy of using plugins in Visual Studio Express and getting some inspiration after listening to the DotNetRocks episode with Christopher Wille on SharpDevelop I thought I should give SharpDevlop a chance again. I am working on two utilities that I plan to release as shareware and as I do not want to rely on tools supplied by my employer I have been using Visual Studio Express until now.

AllOfMp3 is dead, long live Mp3Sparks

Tue, Jul 3, 2007
Seems like RIAA finally won the fight; AllOfMp3 has shut down. … but there is a new site called Mp3Sparks up and running. Mp3Sparks looks like a clone of AllOfMp3 and is owned by the same company. They claim to accept credit cards so it is possible to actually buy from them. That was a problem AllOfMp3 had at the end since none of the credit card ompanies wanted to do business with them.