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Mon, Jan 1, 0001
Here are most of the publicly available software I’ve released over the years. Windows logview4net is a tool to watch different kind of application logs. jsiServiceManager manages Windows services. jsiPodFetch a podcatcher that caches media on you computer before copying to a phone or mp3 player. jsiBitBot a bot that automates web sites offering free bitcoins for ad views. jsiKeywordLinker converts words in a text into a-hrefs.

jsiBitBot - Bitcoins without mining

Mon, Jan 1, 0001
This tool automate sites that pay out bitcoins for doing different tasks. DOWNLOAD the Bitcoin Robot here NOW! Subscribe to the newsletter You can enter captchas by your self, but you will need an account at De-captcher to make this bot work without your constant input. I own Captcha Sniper but use De-captcher for jsiBitBot anyway. **The minimum deposit will go a long way ** and most of the sites use captcha images that I haven’t managed to solve with Captcha Sniper.


Mon, Jan 1, 0001
… is a nifty little tool that creates links from keywords in your article text. One obvious way to use it is when you have some article that you want to post to all of your parasite hosted sites. With this tool you can take any old PLR and stuff some links in the text before you post it. It’s not a tool that does everything or automates a whole lot, but saving a couple of minutes here and there is the difference between a sustainable and a failing business.


Mon, Jan 1, 0001
This tool hasn’t been worked on since 2010 but you can still download it. Make it easier to listen to podcasts with your phone or media player jsiPodFetch will download the audio fies from your podcast RSS feeds and create a playlist for optimal listening order. Instructions Settings wizard This is where you enter the folder on your media player where you want to store the podcasts while on the player.


Mon, Jan 1, 0001
… is a free application that helps you manage Windows Services. It allows you to Start/Stop/Pause/Restart Windows Services from a context menu that lives in the system tray. You can download jsiService manager here. You can group services and hide groups where all services doesn’t exist on the current computer. This allows you to manage several computers with the same configuration file. The Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 is required so it should run out of the box on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.