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Podcasts on the Sansa Clip

Sat, Dec 27, 2008
[adsenseyu1] I bought a Sansa Clipa couple of days ago because I didn’t want to carry around my cell phonejust to listen to podcasts. A ‘feature’ of the Clip became a major pain for my podcast listening though. It will take all MP3:s that has ‘podcast’ as category and treat them in a special way. It will do that even if they are referenced in a playlist. It is realy annoying to find the playlist created by jsiPodFetch empty on the player.

Yet another podcast: lugradio

Tue, Sep 25, 2007
Today I added the Linux radio show lugradio to my ever growing feed list in jsiPodFetch. Since I am very close to filling all available time now I think it will take quite long for me to catch up, but I’ll give it a try.

One more podcast

Sun, Sep 23, 2007
Today I added Rubiverse, a podcast about Ruby, to my jsiPodFetch feed list. I’ve recently learned some Ruby and I like it a lot. I will definitively install IronRuby when it is properly released. Currently I’m using ‘real’ Ruby for my jsiPodFetch build scripts and for aggregating data from my weblogs. It feels a bit awkward to install something like Ruby just to do some scripting in Windows though, maybe I should look at Powershell instead.

New podcasts

Thu, Sep 20, 2007
While taking the survey on Software Engineering Radio I got noticed of a couple of other technical podcast so I have added IT Conversations and ARCast to my jsiPodFetch feed list.

Shrinking podcast backlog

Wed, Sep 19, 2007
My list of new shows in jsiPodFetch is getting very short. It will be empty before the weekend. So I need to find some new podcasts to subscribe to. Currently I subscribe only to software related podcasts, but I might try to find something else now. I listen to podcasts mainly on my commute to/from work so it doesn’t really bother me that the current selection is a bit single minded.

jsiPodFetch 7.37

Thu, Sep 13, 2007
I just did a new release of jsiPodFetch. Unless I get distracted by user reported errors the next release will include support for downloading media via BitTorrent. CHANGE LOG 7.37 Fixed an error because of mismatch between the meta data and the file system that could happen if a user for some reason killed the process in the wrong millisecond. Added call in uninstaller to remove jsiPodFetch related data

Official release of jsiPodFetch

Sun, Aug 19, 2007
At last I have released a beta of jsiPodFetch: Make it easier to listen to podcasts with your phone or media player. jsiPodFetch will download the audio files from your podcast RSS feeds and create a playlist for optimal listening order. Downloaded media is stored on your PC until you mark them as done. jsiPodFetch is in beta and can be downloaded here. More information and documentation will be provided shortly.

My list of podcasts June 2007

Mon, Jun 25, 2007
Instead of reading to occupy the time when I do my commute I have started to listen to some podcasts. It took of last fall when I set out to listen to all the DotNetRocks episodes. When I had almost cached up I started looking for other podcasts worthy of my time and here is my current list: DotNetRocks(Feed) RunAs Radio(Feed) Mondays(Feed) Next Generation User Group(Feed)