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Save your performance baseline

Wed, Jan 2, 2008
Here’s a one week old post I forgot to publish: I did some performance testing and fixing in logview4net today, but I threw away the baseline performance report. I managed to shave some processing time, but I only kept the previous report so I am not certain how much I saved. It’s a stupid mistake but hopefully I’ll not make it again now that I’ve told you about it. Save your baseline for future comparison when doing performance optimizations.

Design decision for logview4net and a new release.

Wed, Jan 2, 2008
New year, new release. This release incorporates the performance fixes that were maid last week after some user feedback. I still have no intentions to turn logview4net into a full featured log parser, but now it can handle much bigger datasets than before. If I get some bright ideas it might get faster still. The problem is that I load all existing data into the textbox that shows the data. So if you add a file or SQL listener and there is lots of data already there and you choose to show it all; logview4net will treat each row as a separate message and show each message one at a time.

Performance issues in logview4net

Thu, Dec 20, 2007
I recently got a message from a user who had performance issues with logview4net when using the pause function in combination with lots of incoming events. Since pause is probably mostly used in situations when there are lots of events I guess more users than Bill and I have noticed it before. I have two cores on my main machine so I usually just let it be until logview4net has recovered by it self.