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Passing on Knowledge

Sat, Oct 27, 2007
This week I had the opportunity to introduce a recently employed colleague. He came out of school when there were almost no programming work available. Being a smart guy he has nurtured his programing skills while doing other things to pay the bills. I really like spreading the little knowledge I still have. It feels like I have forgotten a lot more than I remember. This week I worked on a couple of Visual Basic 6 applications.

One more podcast

Sun, Sep 23, 2007
Today I added Rubiverse, a podcast about Ruby, to my jsiPodFetch feed list. I’ve recently learned some Ruby and I like it a lot. I will definitively install IronRuby when it is properly released. Currently I’m using ‘real’ Ruby for my jsiPodFetch build scripts and for aggregating data from my weblogs. It feels a bit awkward to install something like Ruby just to do some scripting in Windows though, maybe I should look at Powershell instead.

Information vs knowledge

Tue, Feb 27, 2007
I was at an architect event at Microsoft today called ‘The Social Life of Information’ where Beat Schwegler built the foundation for a day of Share Point demoing by talking about information vs knowledge. The rest of the day was ok, but I got stuck thinking about knowledge. I think that our industry would benefit a lot if we could refine (or maybe even redefine) the ways in which we transfer knowledge.