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jsiServiceManager on SourceForge

Thu, Oct 9, 2008
I started a project on SourceForge for jsiServiceManager yesterday. You can find it here. The currently released version is the same one as on jsiSoft. When I do the next release I will link to SourceForge. Speaking of the next release… I have added the functionality I wrote about in an earlier post but I haven’t tested it very well with services. It works as a charm with all my auto starting applications though.

New feature in jsiServiceManager

Wed, Sep 24, 2008
I used to run a small hack I made in Delphi that delayed the start of auto starting programs in windows. It really shortens the time from power on to a workable browser. My current install takes forever to boot so I am working on adding that functionality to jsiServiceManager. It is a very simple scheduler that allows you to delay the start of both plain applications and services. Initially i was about to add the option to repeatedly start an application but that is best left to the scheduler in Windows.

jsiServiceManager 8.09 released today

Sun, Mar 2, 2008
… and here are the relevant release notes: Fixed some sloppy null exceptions Uses a newer version of jsiAppUpdater to enable localized web site. Fixed an error whith the state image in the app. window Enabled manual sorting of the services within a group. Starting a group will start the services in the display order. Stopping or Pausing a group will stop or pause the services in the reverse display order.

Support free software

Sun, Feb 3, 2008
Do what you can to support the free software you are using. I estimate the user base of my free software to about 1000, but over the years I have only been in contact with a hand full of them. It would help me a lot with the future development if I got to know what the users want to have and what they don’t like about it right now. A friendly note or a feature request means a lot to me and I’m quite sure other developers feels like that too.

jsiSoft in Swedish

Wed, Jan 23, 2008
Today I launched the Swedish sister site of jsiSoft. It is at and all of my software that is translated to Swedish will be published there. At the moment the screenshots for jsiPodFetch are still in English but they will be replaced real soon.

jsiServiceManager released

Thu, Jan 3, 2008
Today I released jsiServiceManager at It is a free application that helps you manage Windows Services. It allows you to Start/Stop/Pause/Restart Windows Services from a context menu that lives in the system tray. You can group services and hide groups where all services doesn’t exist on the current computer. This allows you to manage several computers with the same configuration file. The Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 is required so the installer will direct you to its download page if it’s not installed already.