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New release of logview4net (8.02)

Fri, Jan 4, 2008
Wow, the releases are coming fast now. Today I released a new version of logview4net: CHANGELOG: 8.02 Request:Show short filename on prefix-filename Fixed: It is not possible to change the buffersize in the viewer config window. Fixed: HighlightMatch only formatted the first occurance of the pattern in a message. Fixed: The textbox reverts to default format when enforcing the buffer size Added a Play Sound action that will play a PCM Wave File on pattern match.

jsiServiceManager released

Thu, Jan 3, 2008
Today I released jsiServiceManager at It is a free application that helps you manage Windows Services. It allows you to Start/Stop/Pause/Restart Windows Services from a context menu that lives in the system tray. You can group services and hide groups where all services doesn’t exist on the current computer. This allows you to manage several computers with the same configuration file. The Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 is required so the installer will direct you to its download page if it’s not installed already.