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Free storage online

Wed, Aug 22, 2007
Now that Microsoft offers 500 MB free storage with their beta of Live Drive it is worth noticing that Diino offers 2GB for free. I have not tried both services yet, but since Microsoft doesn’t accept all submissions to their beta I think you should give Diino a chance. At least Diino is out of beta. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to use the storage at both Microsoft Live Drive and Diino since they are both free.

Soundpedia a replacement for Pandora?

Tue, Jun 26, 2007
I just found out about Soundpedia. A free music service based in Singapore that is open for us non Americans. I haven’t figured out how to make it mix by itself, but it took less than a minute to get some nice music in my ears.

OpenSVN; A free SVN repository

Wed, Mar 7, 2007
[adsenseyu1] Edit 2012-01-17: OpenSVN seems to be down. I moved to a couple of months ago. They have a free plan that works like a charm. This was a plug for OpenSVN a free subversion repository. I use it for keeping my university work so I can reach it from all my computers and revert to old version of reports and source code. Sourceforge also uses subversion, but I guess my school work doesn’t really apply as an open source project.