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jsiServiceManager on SourceForge

Thu, Oct 9, 2008
I started a project on SourceForge for jsiServiceManager yesterday. You can find it here. The currently released version is the same one as on jsiSoft. When I do the next release I will link to SourceForge. Speaking of the next release… I have added the functionality I wrote about in an earlier post but I haven’t tested it very well with services. It works as a charm with all my auto starting applications though.

FreeMind and the current job

Fri, Sep 7, 2007
The current job is about defining/refining and documenting a system that is a couple of years old. I was a big part in building it initially but it has grown without much control since then. As I see it, the main reason it is hard to get a grasp of it now is because there is (or has never been) a central role to consolidate the development. For each little project there has been a new project manager who only wanted to do his part at the lowest cost or him.

Free storage online

Wed, Aug 22, 2007
Now that Microsoft offers 500 MB free storage with their beta of Live Drive it is worth noticing that Diino offers 2GB for free. I have not tried both services yet, but since Microsoft doesn’t accept all submissions to their beta I think you should give Diino a chance. At least Diino is out of beta. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to use the storage at both Microsoft Live Drive and Diino since they are both free.

Sharpdevelop, resources and compiler error

Thu, Jul 12, 2007
When I moved logview4net to SharpDevelop I got the dreaded CodeDomSerializerException in the WinForm designer. It complained about resources not existing. Since everything worked in Visual Studio and the application compiles and runs I started looking for other things. After some digging around I found that the properties in the typed resource class was declared internal. I changed the modifiers to public instead and now the WinForm designer works again.

New release of logview4net (7.28)

Thu, Jul 12, 2007
I just made a new release of logview4net. New features are: A StdOut / StdErr listener A block ignore action Goto to download it. CHANGELOG: 7.28 Fixed: Add an IgnoreBlock action that should have an IgnoreStart + IgnoreEnd pattern Fixed: Make it possible to ingore events on pause instead of caching them. Fixed: Make the cmd-line parser use the StdOut-listener for .exe-files Enabled the StdOut listener Fixed a dispose bug on all listeners.

Moving to SharpDevelop from Visual Studio Express

Mon, Jul 9, 2007
In light of the recent controversy of using plugins in Visual Studio Express and getting some inspiration after listening to the DotNetRocks episode with Christopher Wille on SharpDevelop I thought I should give SharpDevlop a chance again. I am working on two utilities that I plan to release as shareware and as I do not want to rely on tools supplied by my employer I have been using Visual Studio Express until now.

Soundpedia a replacement for Pandora?

Tue, Jun 26, 2007
I just found out about Soundpedia. A free music service based in Singapore that is open for us non Americans. I haven’t figured out how to make it mix by itself, but it took less than a minute to get some nice music in my ears.

Free music online

Sun, Jun 10, 2007
Since Pandora closed the doors for us Europeans I have re-found BBC Music. There is a hole lot of free music to listen at. If you know some Swedish you can go to Sveriges Radio they make most of their shows available online for free. I’m into reggae an listen mostly to P3 Rytm If you know of more free music sites please let me know.