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New release of logview4net 7.49

Tue, Dec 4, 2007
Yesterday I slipped out a new version of logview4net. It was just a very small bugfix. I had lost the checkbox for adding a filename to the listener prefix in the settings for the folder listener. Big ups to Paul who told me about it.

Doh! Nasty bug in jsiPodFetch

Mon, Oct 15, 2007
The last release wasn’t thoroughly tested and this morning I found a nasty bug that prevents the application to start on its first run. That is a god way to get rid of users, isn’t it? I added code in the last release to check for the device name of the player. That way the application can find the player even if the drive letter is changed. If that happens I replace the last drive letter with the current drive letter in the player path setting.