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I just released jsiPodFetch 8.05

Mon, Jan 28, 2008
I use an overridden button for the flat buttons in jsiPodFetch and I had forgotten to call InitializeComponent in the constructor that gets called by the designer. This has the nasty side effect of making the control disappear from the form. The underlying error was corrected before I released 8.04 but I missed one form when I checked for missing buttons; The form to confirm a new feed. Old users probably never noticed since they have their feeds configured already, but new users got a modal form without button or control box.

jsiPodFetch has a broken installer.

Thu, Jan 24, 2008
Update: Now there is a working installer. The latest release of jsiPodFetch has a broken installer. I uploaded the previous version while I’m fixing the error. I had forgotten to add some files to the install package. The application will load, but it will have a blank main window. I am really sorry for any inconveniences this has brought you. I will re-release 8.04 later today.