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I just released a redesign of

Thu, May 8, 2008
I used to run (and on Wordpress, but since the content is very static it felt like overkill. Now I have all of the site, including all file releases, in a Subversion repository. This way It will be a lot easier to have the application documentation in line with the current release. It also allows me to revert to an older version if (when) I screw up. To support the development of these applications I will keep the ads, even though there is almost no one clicking them.

Big ups to Trent

Thu, Dec 20, 2007
Trent at The Simple Dollar removed his Adsense ads because they often showed ads that were in contrast to the content of his blog. I just want to give him some cred for being strong in his principles. I have some ads but the click through rate is so small I should probably do something else with that space. It is up for sale for almost any immoral purposes if the pay is good enough.